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Do you know that there are many types of gamblers in the same manner that there are also many types of gambling? While most bettors don’t normally have problems with their gambling, you might be wagering a little too heavily for your own good or might even need psychological help. Our two part series begins with a list of what we’d like to call “Okay Gamblers.” If you’re in this category, congratulations!

Okay Gamblers

Recreational Gamblers

Recreational or social gamblers view gambling as a leisurely activity. It’s put in the same category as going to the movies or playing a round of golf. Sure, they might keep a daily or weekly lottery ticket but gambling episodes are never frequent. Rarely do they lose control or money over any form of gambling activity they undertake. Unlike the serious gambler, they do not miss gambling nor do they think about it. Their behavior does not result in any negative consequences for themselves and for their family. Even other people do not see their gambling as excessive and they themselves make no attempt to hide it. Thankfully, most of us belong in this category.